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    BAPS employs a full time professional staff & equipment enabling us to provide a full range of professional aerial survey services.BAPS added the capability to collect high resolution data from different Unmanned Aircraft System(UAV’s).We are using advanced technologies with good sensor cameras for the collection of data for our clients.

    Our UAV’s controlled by computerized navigator used as remote sensing instrument to capture ground surface. The data obtained from UAV’s used as GIS based orthophoto, generate DTM & DEM,creating contours, volumetric reports or simply an aerial still/oblique photos.

    Our advanced approaches and technologies for data collection, processing, and managing ensure highly accurate solutions that consent you to overcome many-sided challenges with confidence.

    We Believe in Quality

    We Believe in Quality

    BAPS believe in quality work to satisfy the requirement of the client.We believe in accuracy and precision in the data quality obtained from different geospatial technologies.

    We Support Our Clients Five Working Days

    We Support Our Clients Five Working Days

    BAPS team work hard to give our client a promising outputs.


    Aerial photography for survey and mapping is our main services with different applications embedded unto it, from large areas to small blocks or lines of exposure.BAPS capture spectacular high definition images for property portfolio, structural and inspections even archeological or industrial requirements.

    • Ground Control Point(GCP) Collection
    • Flight Planning
    • Image Acquisition/Aerial Procedures
    • Data Processing
    • Orthophoto Mosaic

    • Oblique Imagery
    • Preparation of Topographic Survey Plans
    • Thermal Mapping
    • Lidar Survey

    Drones Surveys and Mapping

    Aerial photogrammetry produces different types of products like topography maps, ortho-photomaps from 1/25000 to 1/100 and we can easily access those areas which are inaccessible.

    Digital Mapping from Aerial Photogrammetry techniques has many applications including:

    • Hydrography & DAMS
    • Infrastructure studies
    • Natural Hazards
    • Quarries and Mines
    • Forestry and Agriculture
    • Environmental studies
    • Archeology and heritage

    Company Growth

    BAPS growth and reputation both are linked together with client service. Our industry may have simple metrics of achievement – producing value engineering solutions and delivering them on time and within budget – but we prioritize above those expectations. Above and beyond is just our starting point. We are establishing ourselves as an institution par excellence. We accept as true in working like a team work having effective planning, suitable delegation and smooth coordination to achieve results effectively and collectively is the key for our success.

    Our Workflow & Process

    We are equipped with the latest drones technology and aerial survey aircraft’s and sensors.We are performing different projects with the help of our latest UAV technology which is one of the latest technology to collect the land based data.The Workflow of the our Drone’s based services are:

    Pre-Flight Planning

    • Build the route
    • Scope out the landscape
    • Preview the Flight
    • Check your flight path

    Post Flight Processing

    • Post processing the data
    • Catalogue the data
    • Convert and Geo-referenced
    • Assimilate with Drone Platforms

    Data Delivery

    • Control the Cloud
    • Team up on Results
    • Produce Reports

    Research Anaysis

    BAPS believe in working under such situations in which we are doing research work based on the study. Our team have the scholars having the capacity working on different domains. We believe in working with devotion and hard work based on different research analysis techniques.

    Find A Plan That's Right For You

    We are here to help you to find a best plan which is best for you regarding any domain of the geospatial world.Feel free to contact us to share your queries with us so that we will assist you to finish your jobs.