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Around the globe companies are moving the ways they operate in light of sensitive environmental awareness, public awareness for sustainable development and severe environmental protection laws and regulations.

BAPS Professional Services:

BAPS offer environmental engineering services to support public and private clients for the design, development, analysis and upgrade of public works infrastructure.

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Professional Services In Environment Sector:

GIS is becoming a vital tool for the environmental sciences. It is more than a simple digital evolution from cartography to IT based geographic data and digital mapping offers enormous benefits to research, engineering, project management and resource distribution. It is useful in public and private sectors to allow the decision makers the benefit of restructuring an maneuver using more information more readily and quickly. It is used in town planning ,waste disposal, in clean-up operations for oil spills, in building new road networks and planning infrastructure for those roads, and in natural disaster relief and many more applications in the domain of Environmental Engineering services.

Our main expertise are:

  • Environmental and Social Impact Assessment & Planning
  • Climate Resilience Studies
  • Archaeology and Heritage
  • Hydrometry and Bathymetry
  • Natural Environment and Ecology

  • Contaminated Land and Soil Remediation
  • Air Quality
  • Preparation of Master Plans
  • Socio Economic Studies
  • Projects evaluation and Monitoring

GIS In Field:

BAPS team is working on the data analysis in the GIS Labs on our updated systems and we also help the environmental data analysts in the field, the GIS tool is flexible sufficient to work in the field to give the exact location of desolation and amount of devastation.

Some of the examples in field where GIS is applicable are:


  • BAPS helps the client’s by giving the expert services using GIS in the field, an environmental inspector can quickly map waste storage sites; describe the volume, content, and state of waste containers.
  • Restore previous inspection records to compare with the current environmental conditions.
  • View environmental data in relation to adjacent geographic features such as waterways, neighborhoods, or other sensitive areas such as high-risk zones for landslides, water pollution etc.
  • Integrated with a global positioning receiver, a field crew can use GIS to accurately ground truth satellite imagery in oil spill mapping and its affects on surrounding ecosystem.

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