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Overview of the 3d Pluraview

Barjeel Aerial Photography Services is the Official Distributor of 3d PluraView in the Middle East.

The high-end 3D PluraView passive-stereo monitors guarantee flicker-free and high-resolution visualization for a
perfect, professional 3D-Stereo experience.

The 3D PluraView is a next-generation, unique monitor system, featuring beam-splitter technology to view 3D content with the highest stereoscopic (holographic) quality possible.

The Schneider Digital 3D PluraView monitors feature optimized beam-splitter technology for the highest quality in stereoscopic rendering on the desktop.

The 3D PluraView monitors are ideally suited for all stereo software applications in all major industries.

To view More about: Specifications of 3d pluraView

Why 3D PluraView passive 3D-Stereo Monitors?


1. Geospatial Industry
2. Medical Industry
3. Bio-Tech Industry
4. CAx
5. Oil and Gas Prospecting

For More Information: Designed for CAD Professionals

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Barjeel Aerial Photography Services promised the clients to give them Quality Products to solve the daily life queries in the 3d domain.


BAPS and SCHNEIDER are officially partners in the business of 3d to provide our prestigious clients the best 3d Machines!