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    Make Your Business Ambitions a Reality With Our Professional Topography/Land Surveying Services

    BAPS have the expertise and experience to provide you the results of what you need regarding any type of land surveying technique as we are working with highly precise instruments to carry out these important topographic surveys. We gathered the information through latest survey technologies to meet the client’s requirements. Topographic surveys gathered information through detailed studies and precise measurements in the field to conduct thorough data analysis and valuable land surveying results.


    We are working in many domains of surveying based on different applications like agriculture,industrial,commercial,hydrology,geology,archaeology,military and master planning support.

    Planimetric Ground Survey

    Planimetric Ground Survey

    We are providing the services of boundary surveys, topographic and planimetric surveys for our clients to provide them best surveying solutions

    Volumetric Survey

    Volumetric Survey

    We are providing the services of Volumetric surveys to obtain volume of material stockpiles, required fill and amount of material removed from the site by our professional staff.

    Facade & Elevation Survey

    Facade & Elevation Survey

    We work with the latest equipment and skills to produce extremely precise facade / elevation surveys. Our skilled staff define the most appropriate methodology.

    Geodetic Surveying

    We are providing the services of geodetic surveying over long distances where measurements are taken and the earth’s curvature and atmospheric pressures deductions are considered and applied.

    It is of extreme importance to take note of these problems when undertaking geodetic survey as it involves the curvature of the earth and the atmospheric conditions and to produce the 3 dimensional control points of good quality, i.e. horizontal values of Y & X and height.

    Android Based Surveying

    We are providing different android-based surveys depending upon the project needs. We are using different applications on professional android tablets to perform the surveys which gave us the accurate and best results in limited amount of time. We have a professional team to perform android based surveys to meet the time boundaries and efficient results.